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Great News! Don't Miss This!

published2 months ago
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Craig Booker

April 21, 2022

Hello Reader,

Great news!!

A huge chapter in the journey to publishing my first book is about to come to a close. When I started the writing process, this milestone seemed so distant! Now I am days away from marking this as complete. In about one week, I will finish the writing of what will be my first book.

What does that mean?
I will soon complete the writing for the book and enter into the editing phase. I have created all of the book chapters. I will begin putting them together, fine-tuning the manuscript, designing a book cover, and preparing the book for publishing.

Besides editing, I will be recording audio for a free podcast dedicated to the book topic. So if you are not a reader, this will work out great! There will also be an audiobook version.

What can I expect?
In the weeks ahead, I will be sharing more details on how you can be involved. Right now, I could use lots of prayer! I am new to this process, and it can be intimidating.

I appreciate all of your prayers and support! I am looking forward to the weeks ahead!


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